November 11

7 Retiree Destinations (One Destination Might Surprise You!)




You could draw a circle around the entire state of Florida and pretty much anywhere within that circle would be suitable to spend your retired years. 


From bigger cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, or Miami to smaller cities and towns like Ft. Lauderdale and Del Ray – there’s a place for you in our southernmost state as long as you enjoy sun and heat. And maybe gators.


With no state income tax and affordable home prices, not to mention range of activities on land such as golf. Or you could get your kicks out at sea on a fishing trip. Wherever you are in Florida, you won’t be bored.




Arizona is another place prime for retirees, almost similar to Florida in every way, except you’ll be living in dry heat instead of thick humidity. In Arizona you also won’t be close to open waters or enjoy no taxes on income from retirement accounts.


Popular destinations among Americans over 60 years old are the cities of Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tucson. All within a reasonable drive to the Grand Canyon, in case you want to check that off your bucket list.

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Nevada – LV and Henderson


Yet another desert destination makes our list, and yet another state great for active seniors. Of course there’s the gaming at some of the world’s top casinos in Las Vegas and Reno, but don’t forget about the activities Nevada’s mountains and parks offer.


In addition to numerous indoor and outdoor activities, there’s no state income tax in Nevada. As you might imagine, Las Vegas is a common destination for retirees with low home prices and a decent sized metro area. Not far away lies Henderson, another destination popular for migrating seniors.


Charleston, SC


A historic coastal city with charm, warm weather, and a lower cost of living are only a few of the perk Charleston offers. Housing options are plentiful within the city or surround areas such as Hilton Head if you’re looking for more upscale options.


The average home price is $202,000, and there are state tax benefits extended to residents 55+, including no taxes on social security income.

Texas – Austin metro area


Several smaller cities and towns in the Austin metro area boast significant benefits for transplants looking to spend their golden years in a warm climate, that’s also free of state income taxes.


Georgetown is often cited as a top suburb in the Austin area for retirees, with sufficient health care options as well as a lower cost of living. One thing to look out for in the years to come is rising housing costs though. Recently the city of Austin has become a popular destination for transplants of all ages, driving rising housing costs. This may extend to the surrounding areas sooner rather than later.


126 doctors can be found in Georgetown.


San Antonio


Just about a two hour drive from the state capital Austin, another affordable major Texas city can be found in San Antonio. There’s plenty of Southwest history in the Alamo City, along with its famous Riverwalk – which was so impressive Chicago drew inspiration from it for their own.


Home prices in San Antonio are 14% below the national average, at $121,000. You won’t have to stay home much as SA offers many outdoor activities from the second oldest park in the US in San Pedro Springs Park, to Bracken Cave which boasts the planets largest gathering of mammals.


See for yourself why US World News & World Report ranked San Antonio as the 3rd best city to retire in the US in 2018.


Savannah, GA


Our last entry to make the list is another city with southern charm – Savannah, GA. With mild winters and humid summers, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of Savannah year round. Not to mention the Atlantic coast is only 18 miles from the city center.


The city of about 145,000 is an arts and culture hub, thanks to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The SCAD Museum of Art is one of the premiere art museums in the country.

Living in the state of Georgia can be friendly to your wallet as well, as it ranked as one of the 10 most tax friendly states for retirees by Kiplinger. With a low 4% sales tax and various tax exemptions for retirement income for residents starting at 62 years of age. There are also property tax exemptions for over 65 residents.


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