October 28

Must-Have Tools Before Moving Day


Must-Have Tools Before Moving Day 



Useful moving tools include hammers, nails, & screwdrivers
Useful moving tools include hammers, nails, & screwdrivers. photo: Julie Molliver





A basic set of screwdrivers is always essential on moving day, in addition to having handy around the house. You’ll need them if/when you need to disassemble furniture to load and unload through your old and new homes.


Not to mention they’ll be twice as valuable if you have to disassemble and reassemble any appliances.


Tape (+gun dispenser a plus)


Boxes can’t hold themselves closed, and unless you’re going to fuse the panels together, you’re going to need tape. Be sure to use security tape or duct tape for sealing your boxes.


To make it easier on yourself, the team at Nationwide Movers and Storage recommends also getting a tape dispenser. You’ll cut significant time off of packing and manage to eliminate at least one potential headache.




Also having nails on hand goes without saying, but as you’re packing or putting on the finishing touches closer to moving day, you’ll be glad to have a hammer.


While finishing packing at your old home, you may have several nails in your walls that were used to hang artwork, coat racks, or bulletin boards. Having a hammer handy to pry those out will get that simple task done in seconds.


Then while unpacking at your new home you can of course again hammer in nails to hang up your art pieces and coat racks in their new places.


Box Cutter


The name says it all, as you’ll need a dependable tool to cut through that heavy duty tape you used to secure your boxes. Scissors can be used as a hack here, however they aren’t as safe and not all will be as effective as a box cutter.


Furniture Dolly


Oftentimes if you live in an apartment building your building’s management should have at least one available for you to use on move day. Be sure to check if you need to reserve one in advance.


Don’t fret if your building doesn’t have a dolly or if you don’t have one wherever you live currently. Professional moving companies such as Nationwide will have one for you, or their crew to use.


Get a dolly and save your body the strain of hauling all those bigger items like bookcases and all those boxes!


Ropes & Straps


When packing and moving yourself, often overlooked tools are ropes and straps. Bungie chords are also highly recommended to give you added reinforcements for holding down various items. Think bulky items such as mattresses, love seats, footrests, or coffee tables. You’ll want to have ropes, straps, and chords ready to hold those down to a truck bed, for example.


Nationwide Movers & Storage has all the tools


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