Packing Services

Ellisty Express Inc is a full service moving company in Chicago, Il. Whether you're moving cross-country, need to storage spare items, or just need a few tools to get the job done we have what you need.

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Pressed for time? Limited mobility? Have fragile items? Or just don’t want to pack?

All these are legitimate reasons to let a certified Ellisty professional pack your things, further organizing your move, and reducing headaches. Moving is a process, let us take care of the physical part of it.

Let the crew from Ellisty organize and pack your kitchen, your closet, backyard shed, or even organize and help pack a cluttered garage to get you into your new home faster and with everything intact. 

  • Supplies/Boxes Available
  • Fragile item packing
  • Extra cushioning
  • Full Packing Service