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Choose your certified moving service Chicago Ellisty Express, who will get you where you need to go, on time, every time.

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    Local Moves

    Ellisty Express is very experienced in local moves. We are fully licensed and insured to help you move your belongings quickly and securely. Whether you’re moving from within the city or statewide, our men can do it all!

    Our team of movers can confirm your belongings are kept in safe hands. We only expect the best from our team and will make sure that you do too. Regardless of distance, Ellisty will get you into your new home!

    Ellisty Express is the finest local moving company in Chicago area and can guarantee:

    ✔️ Flexible Scheduling
    ✔️ Accurate and Affordable Estimates
    ✔️ Transparent Customer Service
    ✔️ A Team of Certified Professional Movers
    ✔️ A Variety of Packing/Unpacking Services
    ✔️ Referral Discounts

    We are ready for any type of move and offering the following services:

    Inner-city Moving

    Are you moving into a new place within your city?

    Ellisty Express is here to help. No matter how short the move may be, we’ll take care of it at an affordable price. Our team of professionals often live in the cities where they work, so you’ll get a team that is very knowledgeable of the area. We’ll provide you with the best routes and suggestions of places to visit.

    Our goal is to help you move efficiently on-time with no hassle. You can only expect the utmost confidence from Ellisty Express.

    Intrastate Moving

    Are you stressed out about moving across the state?

    We understand how daunting it can be but want to assure you that Ellisty Express has got it covered. Our moving consultants are here to help you route your move so there is no hassle at all.

    No matter how far the destination may be, Ellisty Express is here to offer the best move it can be. Offering same day delivery and following you directly to your new home, Ellisty has got your back statewide!

    Suburban Moving

    Looking to get out of the city or just need a change of scenery?

    Call Ellisty Express today! Daily, our crews are moving individuals from all over the suburbs. We serve every suburban area and are specialists in any suburb you live in. Whether you live in Naperville or Shorewood, we’ll get you where you need to go. Ellisty Express is the suburban moving company you need!

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