October 28

Moving Hacks


Moving Hacks


Moving houses or apartments is always a love hate affair. Love because you’re moving into a new place that is (hopefully) bigger and better. Hate because well, packing and transporting your things is tedious – to put it lightly.


One shortcut of course, is to call professional movers like the ones at Nationwide Movers and Storage. However even if you hire a professional crew of experienced movers, it always helps to have a few additional tricks up your sleeve. 


Check out our top moving hacks, and see how they work for you!


Be strategic about your move date


Peak moving season takes place in the summer months, as people are keen on being able to dress comfortably in warm weather and get settled before the colder months of the year.


Therefore it can be difficult to find quality movers at a decent price when temperatures are highest. Nationwide advises to plan your move in the spring or fall – or even the winter if possible. This will get you better deals as companies are eager to fill dates in the off-peak months, and it will be easier to find a convenient move date.


Put your suitcases to work


Naturally many items will need to be packed in moving boxes in order to protect and maintain their integrity. However, to save money on moving expenses like boxes, use your suitcases for things like foldable clothes. 


Packing Hack: Fill your suitcases!
Easy Packing Hack: fill your suitcases to ease the load!


Sure those bags will be heavier to move, but they will save you space in the moving truck. 


Set a deadline to unpack – but give yourself time 


In addition to being strategic about your move date, be strategic with your unpacking system. Place boxes in their respective rooms and unload accordingly. Although you should set a deadline for yourself so you and your family aren’t stepping over boxes and loose items for weeks on end.


Unpacking is definitely a chore, but giving yourself a deadline gives you the motivation of looking forward to living a clutter-free life. Which might seem like an alternate reality after undergoing a lengthy moving process.


Be sure to give yourself time though, because you already have enough pressure with your day-to-day.


Those are Nationwide Moving and Storage’s top moving hacks, straight from our team of experienced moving professionals. What do you think, do you have some more hacks that you’ve used to make your move less stressful?


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