Moving Checklist

Ellisty Express Inc is a full service moving company in Chicago, Il. Whether you're moving cross-country, need to storage spare items, or just need a few tools to get the job done we have what you need.

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    Moving Packing Checklist

    Organize Supplies

    Make sure you have the right number of boxes, bubble wrap, dollys, tape, and scissors to get you through the day.

    Pack Room-by-Room

    Packing room-by-room will help you upon arrival at your new home. Your movers will be able to set boxes in the predetermined rooms which will make for better organization in the unpacking process.

    Makes Sure Not To Overpack

    Best practice is to not pack a box over 75% full. Over packing can lead to abnormal weight distribution in boxes, which make boxes harder to carry, which never leads to anything good.

    Disconnect Cable & Internet

    A simple step that could save you money.

    Inventory Each Room

    Inventory accuracy is crucial to having the smoothest move possible. By taking your own detailed inventory, you help you movers with resource planning, proper quoting, and pre-move preparation.

    Pack Must-Haves Separately

    Especially important for long-distance moves, be sure to pack a specific box for essential items. Think tools like screwdrivers and hammers, hygiene items, disposable utensils, medications, change of clothes, first-aid kit, and of course snacks!

    Tagging Fragile Items

    Our movers always exercise the utmost care when handling boxes, however marking boxes with fragile items is always appreciated. This helps us organize the truck in a way that prioritizes fragile items.

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