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How to Move on a Budget


How to move on a budget


These are Nationwide's tips for saving
How to move on a budget. photo by Steve Buissine





When moving into your new apartment, you’ve already spent a bunch of money leading up to moving in. Between the deposits, first

month’s rent, and new furniture there seems like there’s barely anything left to hire movers.


Here are some tips on reducing moving costs, while still getting the job done properly.


Pack as much as you can yourself


Pack your things yourself. You’ll save your movers time on the move, which should only save you money in the long run. Be sure to mark any boxes with fragile items, but by having everything packed and accessible for your moving crew, you’ll be in and out of your old building in no time.


Not only that, but then you don’t have to pay a crew to pack for you. You could even go with labor only moving packages to save even more.


Sell or donate what you don’t use anymore


Whether you like it or not, you’ve accumulated a lot of junk in your current place. But a new apartment represents a new chapter, filter out what you’ve grown out of and donate it if possible. That old trinket will make someone else’s place like it did yours.


Schedule your move during slower months


Just like Uber has surge pricing, demand for movers spikes in the summer. Roads are clearer and you can wear more comfortable clothes. Although if your lease it up outside of summer or you have flexibility in your schedule, consider moving during fall, winter, or spring. Moving companies are more likely to cut deals since demand is lower.


Always ask a moving company how they calculate price


Don’t think that the next move will be the same price as your last. With a new dwelling comes new price considerations such as availability of elevators, number of staircases, new furniture, and distance traveled to name a few. These and more are factors in determining your final moving quote.




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