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Ellisty Express Inc is a full service moving company in Chicago, Il. Whether you're moving cross-country, need to storage spare items, or just need a few tools to get the job done we have what you need.

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    Frequently Asked Questions To Our Moving Company

    What areas does Ellisty operate in?

    Ellisty Express Inc is based in Chicago, IL and services originating throughout the Midwest and much more. Call us at (703) 608-1423 for a free estimate.

    When should I schedule my move?

    Ideally, 2 months ahead of time. It is recommended in order to reserve your preferred move date, and not create scheduling conflicts.

    How do I know a company is insured?

    All you need to do is ask to see a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Companies such as Ellisty Express Inc will be more than happy to show you their certificate, and if they refuse then they definitely don’t have one.

    Remember, every company when asked is obligated to show you their COI. If they refuse, you probably don’t want to be doing business with them anyway.

    When should I get an estimate?

    As soon as you know you’re moving. There’s no such thing as preparing too soon!

    What types of moves do you do?

    Piano, vehicle, relocation, apartment, office moves, safe, if it can be loaded onto a truck we can move it!  

    What should my living space look like on moving day?

    Everything should be packed and ready to go, drawers empty, clear floor paths (for your movers), small children and pets shouldn’t be running around, reserve your freight elevator in your apartment building in advance, feel free to ask your Personal Moving Consultant if you have any questions specific to your particular move. They’re there to help!

    How do I tip my movers?

    It’s important to remember that tipping isn’t part of the bill. However, tipping a mover is often overlooked. When tipping consider the amount of time and manual labor that the mover has done and think if you could’ve done it on your own.

    In general 10-15% of the total move amount is customary, although sometimes a mover’s performance merits 15-20%. A mover who is experienced will save you time and stress for a tiring job. It is extremely important to recognize a movers performance after the job is complete.

    Why use licensed and insured movers?

    Purchasing services through a company that uses certified workers is essential in experiencing a quality move. Not only are these movers experienced but they reduce the chance of personal risk/injury which provides quickness and efficiency during the move.

    Certified movers know exactly how to work in difficult situations, how to handle fragile items, and are trained through study and experience in providing safe and quality services.

    How can I pay for my moving service?

    We live in a world where carrying cash is no longer the norm. It is normal to pay a deposit down or to pay a percentage of the service before the move even begins. For smaller simpler moves clients should speak with their Ellisty Express Inc professional and discuss terms of payment.

    For larger more complicated moves it is important to offer security as the company will go out of their way to give the same. When collecting payments, moving companies typically work with electronic payment. Credit and Debit cards are the first form of payment that should be considered when signing for a service. Check is sufficient for payment, but inconvenient for most services. Cash should be the last form of payment offered. 


    What types of payment does Ellisty accept?

    • Credit & Debit
    • Check
    • Cash 

    Will Ellisty pack my things for me?

    We can pack everything you want, for a cost estimate reach out to your Personal Relocation Specialist today!

    What about fragile items?

    If you feel like your fragile items need extra care, let our experienced professionals pack them for you.

    A policy at Ellisty Express Inc and a common rule for any moving company is that if fragile items are packed by customer, the carrier company is no longer liable for damages.


    Should I empty my drawers?

    Yes everything should be emptied. We kindly ask that you empty your drawers as a courtesy to your moving crew. Stuffed drawers mean heavy weight to haul, which we don’t want to slow down your moving day!

    What areas does Ellisty Express Inc operate in?

    See our Service Areas page for a complete list of areas we operate in!