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Ellisty Express Inc Inc, is a full service relocation company. Whether you're moving cross-country, need to storage spare items, or just need a few tools to get the job done we have what you need.

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Moving Resources

Ellisty Express Inc is a full service relocation company. Whether you're moving cross-country, need to storage spare items, or just need a few tools to get the job done we have what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Ellisty operate in?

Ellisty Express Inc, Inc is based in Chicago, IL and services originating throughout the Midwest and much more. Call us at (703) 608-1423 for a free estimate.

When should I schedule my move?

Ideally, 2 months ahead of time. It is recommended in order to reserve your preferred move date, and not create scheduling conflicts.

How do I know a company is insured?

All you need to do is ask to see a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Companies such as Ellisty Express Inc will be more than happy to show you their certificate, and if they refuse then they definitely don’t have one.

Remember, every company when asked is obligated to show you their COI. If they refuse, you probably don’t want to be doing business with them anyway.

When should I get an estimate?

As soon as you know you’re moving. There’s no such thing as preparing too soon!

What types of moves do you do?

Piano, vehicle, relocation, apartment, office moves, safe, if it can be loaded onto a truck we can move it!  

What should my living space look like on moving day?

Everything should be packed and ready to go, drawers empty, clear floor paths (for your movers), small children and pets shouldn’t be running around, reserve your freight elevator in your apartment building in advance, feel free to ask your Personal Moving Consultant if you have any questions specific to your particular move. They’re there to help!

How do I tip my movers?

It’s important to remember that tipping isn’t part of the bill. However, tipping a mover is often overlooked. When tipping consider the amount of time and manual labor that the mover has done and think if you could’ve done it on your own.

In general 10-15% of the total move amount is customary, although sometimes a mover’s performance merits 15-20%. A mover who is experienced will save you time and stress for a tiring job. It is extremely important to recognize a movers performance after the job is complete.

Why use licensed and insured movers?

Purchasing services through a company that uses certified workers is essential in experiencing a quality move. Not only are these movers experienced but they reduce the chance of personal risk/injury which provides quickness and efficiency during the move.

Certified movers know exactly how to work in difficult situations, how to handle fragile items, and are trained through study and experience in providing safe and quality services.

How can I pay for my moving service?

We live in a world where carrying cash is no longer the norm. It is normal to pay a deposit down or to pay a percentage of the service before the move even begins. For smaller simpler moves clients should speak with their Ellisty Express Inc professional and discuss terms of payment.

For larger more complicated moves it is important to offer security as the company will go out of their way to give the same. When collecting payments, moving companies typically work with electronic payment. Credit and Debit cards are the first form of payment that should be considered when signing for a service. Check is sufficient for payment, but inconvenient for most services. Cash should be the last form of payment offered. 


What types of payment does Ellisty accept?

  • Credit & Debit
  • Check
  • Cash 

Will Ellisty pack my things for me?

We can pack everything you want, for a cost estimate reach out to your Personal Relocation Specialist today!

What about fragile items?

If you feel like your fragile items need extra care, let our experienced professionals pack them for you.

A policy at Ellisty Express Inc and a common rule for any moving company is that if fragile items are packed by customer, the carrier company is no longer liable for damages.


Should I empty my drawers?

Yes everything should be emptied. We kindly ask that you empty your drawers as a courtesy to your moving crew. Stuffed drawers mean heavy weight to haul, which we don’t want to slow down your moving day!

What areas does Ellisty Express Inc operate in?

See our Service Areas page for a complete list of areas we operate in!

Moving Packing Checklist

Organize Supplies

Make sure you have the right number of boxes, bubble wrap, dollys, tape, and scissors to get you through the day.

Pack Room-by-Room

Packing room-by-room will help you upon arrival at your new home. Your movers will be able to set boxes in the predetermined rooms which will make for better organization in the unpacking process.

Makes Sure Not To Overpack

Best practice is to not pack a box over 75% full. Over packing can lead to abnormal weight distribution in boxes, which make boxes harder to carry, which never leads to anything good.

Disconnect Cable & Internet

A simple step that could save you money.

Inventory Each Room

Inventory accuracy is crucial to having the smoothest move possible. By taking your own detailed inventory, you help you movers with resource planning, proper quoting, and pre-move preparation.

Pack Must-Haves Separately

Especially important for long-distance moves, be sure to pack a specific box for essential items. Think tools like screwdrivers and hammers, hygiene items, disposable utensils, medications, change of clothes, first-aid kit, and of course snacks!

Tagging Fragile Items

Our movers always exercise the utmost care when handling boxes, however marking boxes with fragile items is always appreciated. This helps us organize the truck in a way that prioritizes fragile items.

How To's

How To's

Moving pets

Just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean these family members shouldn’t have a say in the moving process. Pets can be sensitive to a move, but proper preparation always helps our bestest friends.

A trip to the vet is always a good start, especially for long-distance moves. While there, make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, and collect any health certificates. Some states require certificates for certain animals, be sure to check what states have certain requirements ahead of time.

Keep your little friends safe by making sure they have proper ID’s like collars or microchips, carriers, and leashes.


Collect supplies

The Essentials:

  • Plastics bags or containers to transport fish.
  • Packing tape or duct tape.
  • Fishnet
  • Bucket(s) for plants - don’t forget to keep them in water during travel to keep them alive.
  • Siphon hose - to drain the tank.

Place fish in transport containers

  • First things first, scoop out your scaly friends with your fishnet and place them into your bags or containers that you have for each fish. Fish can be prone to stress during moves, so you want to hold off as long as possible before you take them out of their tank.

Prep and clean tank - sort out things like plants and ornaments

  • Place plants in their buckets and fill with water from the fish tank.
  • Siphon out remaining water from the tank, storing as much water in another container as possible. When reassembling, you will want as much of the original water as possible.
  • Remove decorations and pebbles, dry them, and pack them. 
  • Clean and dry tank.

Unload and unpack

  • Start reassembling your tank in the area in the house the aquarium will live. 
  • While unloading, be sure to check for cracks in the tank’s glass.
  • Reorganize the aquarium’s pebble bed, decorations, and plants.
  • If you kept some of the original water, start filling up the tank and add as much more water that’s needed to properly fill.
  • Gently place your fish back into the water.
  • Wait a couple more hours before you turn on the aquarium’s heater, you’ll want to let the water get as close to room temperature as possible first.


Electronics such as TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, and video games consoles require extra care and thought when moving. Not only can they be expensive, but also you need to do a little more thinking when it comes to packing.

  • Make sure you collect and consult all user manuals, to be aware of any unique aspects your devices may have that would affect packing and storage. 
  • Before anything, take out the batteries from your devices, eject any CD’s or DVD’s, remove printer cartridges, and charge any rechargeable batteries. 
  • For computers, make sure you backup your data!
  • Properly dismount any goods such as TV’s and try to pack electronics in their original packaging, which bubble wrap inserted to provide proper cushioning. Note the wiring arrangements in the back of your electronics - taking a picture helps - so that when you're setting up in your new home, you get it right the first time.


Preserve your gorgeous antiques by thinking ahead. You want boxes that will fit snug around your items, preventing excess movement during the move and upholding the integrity of your antiques.

Secure corners with corner protectors, especially for mirrors and framed artwork. Corners often cause scrapes and scratches, therefore corner protectors protect you antiques and other parts of your house.

For antiques, you should disassemble what you can, noting how it was finally arranged before doing so. Like electronics, use sufficient cushioning around your items within the box, protecting the contents inside.

How To Pack

Start well in advance

There’s no such thing as starting too soon when it comes to packing. You’ll thank us later.

Donate items

A move is a great opportunity to declutter and simplify your house. Identify things around the house you haven’t used in a long time and things you won’t need in your new home. Take those items and donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Your old treasures will be put to good use!

Take inventory

Taking inventory not only helps you keep track, but have peace of mind that you’re not leaving anything behind. Plus, your moving crew will love you for it.

Pack by room

Lots of debate around packing according to individual rooms or other methods, however Ellisty Express Inc recommends packing items together according to room. 

When unpacking at your new home, you will thank yourself for doing so as you will avoid having to shuffle box to box around your new house like a mad man.

Label your boxes

‘Nuff said.

No such thing as worrying too much

Think your vase needs more cushioning around it? You bet it does.

How about those boxes, are they overpacked? Take a few things out. You ever be too careful while moving.

Know what items movers won’t take

- Hazardous Material, Combustible/Flammable Items, Pets, Plants, Explosives, Cash/Credit/Debit Card, Personal Documents, Jewelry, or Perishable Food.
- If there are any questions or concerns regarding the mentioned categories please contact your moving profession
- Items that may fall under the mentioned categories risk being left at pickup site.

Create an unpacking priority list

Mark which boxes will be unpacked first at your new place. Various reasons could influence order like contents fragility, temperatures, level of necessity, etc. Doing so will get you settled in your new digs faster.

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