Ellisty Express Inc believes that moving is a transitional process that guides our clients into new stages of life and provides values that Ellisty Express Inc is built on.

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Ellisty Express Inc believes that moving is a transitional process that guides our clients into new stages of life and provides values of honesty, reliability, and open mindedness which is what Ellisty is built on.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Ellisty Express Inc is to be a business that provides moving services with as much care for our customers, to match the confidence they show in us.

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Ellisty believes that the best moving companies assist in the transitional moving process that guides our clients into new stages of life and provides values that Ellisty is built on. Ellisty Express Inc prides itself on handling valued possession in every way possible as your home is a collection of memories from your life’s journey. Success with Ellisty is only accomplished when our professional movers are able to not only able to visualize the success of our clients' new beginnings but also when improving the world that surrounds them. At Ellisty, our local and long-distance movers are here to make your experience an easy one!

The Beginning of Ellisty

Ellisty Express Inc began with the intent to support our communities as they expand though nationwide moving. Along with this intent, Ellisty has always valued supporting our professional moving staff, valued customers and neighbors, and the communities and environments that surround them. This Chicago moving company promises to take every opportunity to reduce our footprint by using recyclable materials when possible. Therefore you can leave the cleanup to us and we will make sure to dispose of the material in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

Giving Back

Daily, Ellisty Express Inc explores the concept of “giving back” and strives to learn new ways strengthen the surrounding communities. Our entire safe at Ellisty is composed of community minded individuals who dedicate at least 100 hours a year volunteering in their communities all around the US. Our experienced movers are offered educational scholarships once they hit our service hour requirement. Furthermore, Ellisty also partakes in food drives, clothing donation, “Go Green” services, and is currently exploring the idea of supporting children in 3rd world countries. Ellisty donates a portion of each and every move completed to a cause and it always exploring different area to improve the world we live in! Ellisty takes pride in being one of the most unselfish greater Chicago-land moving companies there is. 

Overcoming Diversity 

Ellisty employees come from all different backgrounds but so do the our customers. However, our residential movers are more that just our customers, they're also our family! Ellisty Express Inc is 100% non-discriminatory and respects people of all walks of life. Therefore, there's a reason respect and integrity are a part of Ellisty founding principles. As a result, Ellisty gains intuition through its employees work and its clients destinations nationwide regardless of socioeconomic status. 

In conclusion, moves and other services that require the utmost care, on-time completion, and extreme labor, don’t hesitate to call professionals at Ellisty. We move what you love!

Our Services

Ellisty Express Inc is a full service relocation company. Whether you're moving cross-country, need to storage spare items, or just need a few tools to get the job done we have what you need.


Moving for a new job or to be closer to family? No matter the reason, Ellisty Express Inc will help you get there.

Local Moves

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Ellisty Express Inc has ample storage space for the things you want to hold onto but don't have the space at home for.

Moving Specialty Items

Cars, pool tables, basketball hoops; you name it, we can move it. Not sure if we can move it? Give us a call.


Ordered large items such as furniture or artwork? Ellisty Express Inc will get it to you fast, so you can relax.

Service Areas

At Ellisty we are dedicated to making your move as simple and easy as possible. Our team is available day and night to answer any question or concerns you may have. With dedicated support agents, we make sure that anything that can happen, will not be your problem.




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